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Desktop Factory Crunched!

You might not have heard much from Desktop Factory lately, as they've been a bit preoccupied with a rather difficult problem. They're a startup company intending on creating the world's first quality desktop commercially available 3D printer for less than USD$5,000. They're very close to completing their first model, but have run out of funding due to circumstances beyond their control.

They appealed for investors recently and apparently did find sufficient funds - but again unforeseen circumstances forced out one of the investors and they're back where they were months ago. Today they're again asking for investors to step forward and help them out.

We believe now is an excellent time to invest in Desktop Factory, as this period of economic downturn is a time when new companies of the future emerge. Desktop Factory could be one of them, and Fabbaloo readers certainly would like to see them not only survive, but thrive.

Via DesktopFactory

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