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The Objet Connex350

Today Objet announces their newest printer, the Connex350, joining the Connex500 in Objet's flagship product line. Like the earlier Connex500, the new Connex350 has the unique ability to print with multiple materials, and we don't mean that you stop the print, change the cartridges and resume printing with that other squishy material. No, these devices actually hold several cartridges of different materials and can deposit them all during a single print operation.

How do they do this? Both devices have eight print heads and four sealed 3.6kg cartridges, into which you can load a variety of different materials. and continuously run for a very long time.

But what about the new Connex350? We don't see major differences between this unit and the older Connex500, except for one major factor: the build chamber is somewhat smaller on the Connex350. Where the Connex500 has a 500x400x200mm chamber, the Connex350's is 350x350x200mm. That's about 40% less volume, but otherwise the devices are quite similar.

That's still quite a large build chamber compared to other units, and the added ability to print multiple materials simultaneously is tremendous. Consider the effect on productivity: if you were printing with single materials, you'd have to not only withstand multiple lengthy print runs, you'd also spend time assembling all the pieces. With the Connex500 and now the Connex350, you can print out many kinds of objects to a completed state in a single print run.

No word on pricing, yet, but we're expecting pricing to be less than that of the larger Connex500.

Via Objet

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