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XVL Studio Version 8.1 Released

Lattice Technology has just released a new version of their 3D modeling suite, XVL. It's being distributed to customers with maintenance contracts this week. There are some pretty amazing features in this release:

  • Geometry Difference Detection – detection of geometry differences so that changes in models are easily tracked
  • Export of Assembly Animations to AVI format – the animations portraying assembly and disassembly are now easily exported to the popular AVI format
  • Authoring Process Steps in Process Design and Documentation – any documentation can now be directly associated with model elements
  • Path Authoring in Process Design and Documentation – more realistic simulations of an assembly of a product for planning and training
  • Support for XVL v10 – Even more highly compressed model files
  • Export of 2D Illustrations as 2D vectors and CGM formats – much smoother curves, editable in other 2D drawing systems
  • Measurement of parts in Animations for Process Design – allows precise measurements of clearances during simulations of assembly

And there's much more.

Via Lattice3D and CAD CAM News

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