Quite a while ago we wrote on 3D Systems’s upcoming V-Flash Desktop 3D printer. At the time it was only in Beta, but now it’s available for purchase by anyone. According to 3D Systems’s press release:
  • It’s the very first commercial 3D Printer priced at less than USD$10,000 (actually it’s USD$9,900, we’re told)
  • Produces hard-plastic models
  • Compact size and quiet operation – it actually will fit on a desk, almost. 26×27 (660x685mm) inches and 146lbs (66Kg) (we’re checking our desk’s legs now)
  • “Exceptional fine-feature details”
  • One-year warranty

3D Systems has a companion service for V-flash modeling support at Modelin3d.com. From there you can find a reseller and get started.

Via 3D Systems

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