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Another Sub-$10K 3D Printer

This one is from Solido, whose new entry into the market is the SD300 Pro 3D Printer, and it looks very attractive. Highlights:
  • Includes SD View, a 3D modeling system and controller that directly integrates with the printer and can even monitor consumables status during prints
  • SD View can import .STL files from any other modeling system
  • Print media is a PVC / adhesive combination
  • Model output is "rugged" and "can be machined, drilled, finished and painted and show no distortion over time"
  • Material is sold in 7.5Kg kits (a roll sheet of PVC, Adhesive cartridge and a release agent)
  • Colors available are: slightly amber-tinted transparent, Red, Blue, Black and "Cream"
  • Layer thickness is 0.168mm
  • Build chamber is a moderate 160 x 210 x 135 mm
  • Weight with cartridges installed (45Kg)
  • Sound pollution: only 65db!
  • Windows only, sigh

This one looks like a great start for a new product.

Via Solido and TCT Magazine (Hat tip to Ofer Segali)

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