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MakerBot in the Wild

MakerBot made a big splash recently when they announced their new fabulously inexpensive hobbyist 3D printer kit. As expected, people are now buying the kit and now we see a report from a typical buyer. In the RepRap Builders blog, user Tigger posts his experience, complete with photos of the assembly and output. He says:
The cupcake from makerbot is a great kit , I spent about 40 hours all up building it across a week (getting little sleep and RL, the GF and a full time job just kept getting in the way :) ).

The mechanics in the cupcake are easy to assemble and the instructions on their site are a great reference as you put it together.

The electronics were a far more serious task , as they are surface mount you need a magnifier and a steady hand.

All in all a good kit and would recommend it to reprappers who want a complete kit that they can just get started with.

And with that he went back to printing.

Via RepRap Builders and Flickr

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