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Following Fabbaloo

Our blog began in November 2007, and now has many readers, yourself included. But we'd like to point out there are several ways to read us:

  • From the website via your favorite browser
  • By feed subscription. Add this link to your favorite reader (ours happens to be Netvibes, after a slight diversion to Streamy - but most of our subscribers seem to use the very popular Google Reader)
  • By email subscription. To subscribe, just enter your email address in the box on the right. We promise not to abuse your email address. Really
  • By Twitter. We've recently began tweeting and our Twitter id is kinda obvious

While we have not announced our Twitter id officially until now, we've been discovered by many already. To be honest, a tame bot in the corner of the office dutifully tweets our posts daily, but if we're not busy we might give you a reply now and then. Keep in touch, eh?

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