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See It Now - 3D Printing on Paper!

The unusual MCOR Matrix 3D Printer is now revealed in a video taken at a public exhibition in Dublin. MCOR informs us that this is in fact the "first and only" official video of their product, a 3D printer that uses plain old paper as its media. Yes, that's right - paper is used to form a layer of the 3D printed object, one sheet at a time.

The exhibition was at Dublin's Science Gallery - and no, do not be alarmed by the mask-laden individuals who appear throughout the video. They are not dressed in sterile suits to protect themselves from noxious paper fumes emitted by the MCOR Matrix; no, they are part of the "Infectious" exhibition, which focused on disease. MCOR was there to print enormous replicas of common virii such as the Rhino virus.

We're wondering if the MCOR is going to work in North America, however, as it's designed to accept A4-size sheets! Just Kidding!

Via YouTube

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