3D Printing Up For Award


Could a 3D Printing company win the prestigious World Technology Award? MCOR technologies, whom we’ve written onseveral timesin past months, is nominated in the IT Hardware (Corporate) category for their amazing plain paper-based 3D printer.

The World Technology Awards are an annual event featuring numerous awards in many categories:

… nominees are those individuals (in 20 categories) and companies/organizations (in 10 categories) who are doing the innovative work of “the greatest likely long-term significance” in their fields. They are those creating the 21st century.

MCOR is up against several other companies in the IT Hardware (Corporate) category:

  • Belkin International, Inc.
  • Mcor
  • Motorola
  • Nujira Limited UK
  • Perceptive Pixel
  • Quicklogic, Inc
  • Reactrix Systems
  • Sequoia communications
  • SONY
  • SundanceDSP Inc.
  • Trace Optics
  • UGOBE, Inc.
  • VholdR Wearable Camcorder
  • Xelerated AB
  • Zink Imaging

We’ll find out on July 16th whether MCOR is selected. Good Luck, MCOR!

Via WTN (Hat Tip to Deirdre)

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