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Simple Wins. Every Time

A brief post on the Daily PLM Think Tank Blog resonated with us. The topic was the complexity of interfaces to PLM/PDM systems (Product Lifecycle Management and Product Data Management). The same problem infects many of the 3D design tools used by those who 3D print. The interfaces are often overwhelming.

We've seen many times in the past how simple systems tend to win. Consider Google, who won by not only providing great results, but also through the use of a single, simple box as their interface.

We're not saying 3D Design can be reduced to a single box entry, but really, consider the words from the Daily PLM:

My observations (not scientific, of course):

  1. 50% of User Interface features are not in use.
  2. Every system I use, demanded at least 30% bigger monitor.
  3. You need to read manual to understand how it works.
So, my short conclusion - we need to scale UI back.

Those are the truest statements we've heard so far today.

Via Daily PLM (hat tip to Jim Brown)

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