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From 3D, Comes Infinium!

The University of Michigan has spent more than USD$1M to produce the above pictured Infinium solar car, which is to take part in the World Solar Challenge race across Australia. Yes, "solar" means the sun will be the only fuel for this bad boy during the 1,800 mile six day race.

Why are we so interested in this? Aside from being ultra-green, the Infinium was produced indirectly with a 3D Printer, according to TCT magazine:
The Michigan team used a ZPrinter multicolour 3D printer to create prototypes of parts like Infinium’s ergonomic steering wheel and also its motor housing. The prototypes help the team to conduct form, fit and functional testing before production. The team also “ZPrinted” moulds for lightweight carbon-fibre parts and car models for display.
Like other industries, the magic is in saved time and saved money when you can rip out prototypes rapidly. Will this give them advantage over other teams?

We'll see. The race takes place this October.

Via TCT Magazine and ZCorp

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