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Stratasys Results

As is customary (and required), Stratasys announced their latest quarterly results. We like to examine them because we suspect they may shed light on the state of the 3D printing industry.

And it turns out that their revenue was still down as compared to the same quarter last year, USD$24.6 vs. USD$31.3 in 2008. Unit shipments were also slightly down.

But to us, that's the key word: slightly. Stratasys did report net income, meaning they are still profitable. "They returned to profitability in the second quarter". Further, they report that:

  • "We are beginning to observe signs that market conditions have stabilized"
  • "Our new personal 3D printer, the uPrint, continues to be well received following its successful launch in January"
  • "Our pipeline of opportunities has grown significantly, which should bode well when market conditions improve"

What does all this mean? We think there's definitely a turnaround in the making, and signs are pointing to the surviving 3D print vendors as the ones to lead us out.

Via Stockhouse

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