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Designer Power

An interesting concept got stuck in our heads, as you can see above. It's from the Power Of 8 project in London, UK. What is it? According to their site:
In this collaborative project, 8 people from different walks of life work together to build a public conversation about their individual aspirations for a desirable future.

I will work directly with 7 participants: a mix of ‘experts’, perhaps a scientist or a policy planner, alongside individuals from the ‘public’, for instance my neighbour two doors down, who may be a businessperson or a charity worker. With the passing of time, emotional attachments to temporal and spatial boundaries become blurry, and pragmatic everyday concerns give way to fantasy. In my conversations with the participants, my emphasis will be to keep these boundaries grounded in realism and imagine scenarios in the near future, which can be understood by a wider audience.

Anab Jain used the powerful phrase above to engage with passers-by about design.

We like the phrase because it captures much about the Fabbaloo readers: people who are passionate about their profession and technology. People who not only want to see the future, but make it themselves. We're proud of all of you. *sniff*

Via PowerOf8 (Hat tip to Bruce Sterling)

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