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EGO3D Busts!

Recently we've been babbling about the idea of making 3D Busts of yourself or your friends, and it turns out there is a service that does just that: EGO3D, which launched on 2 July of this year.

This amazing service uses only three photographs (inevitably, police style: front, left and right profiles) to generate the 3D model. Other than the photos, you must choose the style of the bust (six available) and the size. Then:

One week later the bust will be shipped to the customer. That's all! Because of the usage of three special softwares we can offer the bust for an interesting price, starting at 69.90 Euro (= 99.90 USD) and within a short delivery time.

Unfortunately, the english version of their site is not yet available, but we're told it's cooking now.

Via EGO3D (hat tip to Robert Fischer)

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