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You always wanted a piece of land you can call your own, right? Now you can do that - and carry it with you, too!

TerrainPrint is a service that:

TerrainPrint can create a 3D model of anywhere on earth. Use our software which works just like Google Earth to choose where you would like to get a model of and then our 3D printers will produce a physical model for you. Personally customised models of holiday places, natural wonders and journeys can be printed with just a few clicks of your mouse.....

Recently they've announced that "the service has been available to US consumers for a year or so, but it has never been available in the UK or Europe — until now." Previously, only US consumers could use the service via Landprint, but now 3D Creation Lab has set up a special UK service.

Oh, how much does it cost?

120mm x 120mm £49.95
150mm x 150mm £64.95
200mm x 200mm £119.95
250mm x 250mm £179.95

And you can also request special size prints if required.

Via TerrainPrint UK (Hat Tip to Rachel!)

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