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Stratasys Adds Four More

Four more build materials, that is. Specifically made for their Fortus 900mc 3D printer, the new materials have improved properties:

  • SABIC's ULTEM 9085: Strong and lightweight, this material's claim to fame is its resistance to heat, smoke and toxicity. We suspect it might show up in aircraft.
  • PC-ABS: Similar to existing materials, but has added flexibility.
  • PC-ISO: Strong and flexible, but it permits sterilization, thus it will be very useful for medical applications. It's BioCompatible!
  • ABS-M30i: An improved ABS mix that provides greater strength while retaining excellent biocompatible properties.

They've also announced a new soluble support material, SR-30, which apparently dissolves 46-69% faster, depending on how it's used.

Via Virtualization and Stratasys

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