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FOC Left and Right

The most recent issue of Freedom of Creation's newsletter describes a project they undertook for ASICS, in which custom packages were designed and made containing half of a secret object. The idea was to promote the notion of bringing two sides together, an admirable philosophy for any environment. From FOC:
Asics launched their Left & Right Campaign by sending a “smashing” package to 10 globally chosen blogs. Both halves of other objects must be found and matched up globally. A physical representation of their “What’s a left without a right?” theme.
Each package was completelyuni- que, which makes it so hard for to destroy the package and get the items out from inside. ‘Left and Right’ is a celebration of the phi- losophy at the heart of the ASICS brand – a sound mind in a sound body. Mr. Onitsuka, the late ASICS founder, believed that when mind and body come together they create a more balanced whole.

Janne Kyttanen designed these 10 different packages and the objects inside them which are 80’s classics.

You can see more images in the newsletter.

Via Freedom of Creation (PDF)

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