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Model Factory Hiro Uses 3D Printing

Model Factory Hiro, a Japanese maker of highly intricate model car kits makes good use of 3D printing technology in their development process. In Mech9's video and extensive write up, we can see the entire process from choice of car (Misao Hiro, President: "Something I like") to the final preparations.

Model Factory Hiro primarily uses photographs of classic vehicles from an extensive library, and then painstakingly recreates the cars using 3D modeling software (although they do receive CAD models from Ferrari, but only for recent models).

Transferring the design doesn't mean simply duplicating everything, as there are many complications when making a kit that can actually be assembled. Model Factory Hiro makes appropriate design adjustments resulting in terrific model kits. However, they typically issue only 500 at a time and they are priced in the USD$200-300 range.

Via Mech9

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