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The 3D Package

Interesting article at Packaging Digest that explains how several packaging companies are using 3D printing tech to prototype various types of intricate packages and retaining structures for parts. Some companies look at new technology such as 3D printing and think outside the box, but these companies are literally thinking OF the box. One of them, Flexpak Corp., uses Dimension 1200es 3D printers to develop prototypes for its packaging clients in numerous industries.

Like many other industries, 3D package printing is currently only able to produce rapid prototypes during the design process - and not able to produce the actual packages that are used day-to-day.

We were wondering about this concept. What if the cost and speed of 3D printing were to drop? Could packages be produced in real time on 3D printers? We suspect this might happen in the far distant future, but it may emerge first in an industry where:

  • The product requiring packaging has inconsistent shapes and sizes, requiring a custom shaped package on each shipment
  • The product is a high-end, expensive item able to defray the cost of a custom package
  • Sophisticated software exists that can dynamically generate a 3D package model for a given shape
Well, that's not gonna happen anytime soon.

Via Package Digest

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