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Bre Prettis at 26C3

The 26th Chaos Communication Congress (26C3) took place in late December in Berlin and offered a multitude of topics from the hacker world. One of the speakers was Bre Prettis of MakerBot, whose speech entitled, "Peanut Butter and Plastic: Industrial Revolution" focused on "decentralized manufacturing and desktop fabrication". 
Bre speaks on many things during the 43 minute speech, including promoting the Metric system (yay!) and the amazing era of hardware today, where anyone can do awesome things. He recommends we stop watching TV and start doing things. 
He described the Zaggo's 3D whistle design, which once uploaded to Thingiverse was quickly downloaded and printed by many others around the world. "It's the closest thing to teleportation we have today."
Caution: the MP4 download is 490Mb, so make you'd better clean out those old 3D models to make some space!


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