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NextFab Conference Brewing

We received a message from folks organizing a new conference tentatively titled the "First International Conference on Accessible Digital Manufacturing Technology and Design" to be held in Campinas, Sao Paulo, Brazil in 2010. While the conference's title is not yet written in stone, their objectives are:
NextFab Organization and the Brazilian government's Renato Archer Center for Digital Technologies are planning a conference on open-source and/or affordable digital manufacturing technologies - including Fab@Home, RepRap, hobby CNC, Blender, etc. - to be held in 2010. The goal is to bring together users, developers, and producers of these technologies to share ideas for new applications and technical advances, learn about the latest software and hardware systems, and discuss and develop future direction.
They've issued an online survey for potential attendees, and we ask readers to consider responding. Among the questions are the usual conference logistics and configuration and also a call for papers and workshops. 
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