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The uPrint PLUS!

Stratasys just announced a new member to their 3D print family: the uPrint Plus. One year after they announced the inexpensive commercial uPrint device, they've upgraded it to the new Plus version.

The main features of the Plus:

  • Small floor footprint: 25x26 inches (.635m x .660m)
  • Build chamber: 8x8x6 inches (.2 x .2 x .15m)
  • Resolution: 0.010 or 0.013 inches (0.254 or 0.330mm)
  • Eight color printing in ABSplus material (red, blue, olive, black, dark gray, nectarine, fluorescent yellow, and ivory)

Notable improvement: the build chamber is 1/3 larger than the base uPrint model. Another key upgrade is special software that claims to reduce the materials requirement by some 40%. Also there's a new support material (SR-30) that dissolves significantly faster, thus speeding up the end-to-end process time.

Stratasys apparently sold more than 1000 units in the first 9 months of 2009, and we suspect they'll do the same on this one. Why? Because the price is only USD$14,900, not bad for a true commercial 3D printer.

Via Dimension Printing and Dimension Printing

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