Objet vs. ProJet

Objet vs. ProJet

The gloves are off now. We’ve just found a rather dramatic slideshow from 3D Systems that provides their take on a comparison between 3D Systems’ ProJet technology and Objet’s deposition tech. The slides are filled with side-by-side images of identical objects printed using both technologies. 
The examination covered areas of quality, accuracy, stability, productivity, cost, post-processing and versatility. Needless to say, 3D Systems wins handily, but that could possibly be due to the fact that they put the comparison together. Nevertheless, the images are quite revealing, as you can see in a sample image above.
The key difference appears to be ProJet’s phase change technology, which causes deposited droplets to solidify immediately prior to curing, whereas Objet’s tend to spread out a bit, leading to less accurate deposition. Other claimed differences include a side-by-side thermal comparison in which the unfortunate Objet samples seem to wilt more than ProJet. The slides continue, explaining apparent differences in build capacity, warranty coverage, cleaning damage, amount of maintenance required, and the “Six Untold Weaknesses of Objet Printers”
So, dear readers, do you agree with this comparison? What factors did 3D Systems miss? 


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