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Opinions on HP's 3D Printer

Following up on last week's massive news that HP has linked up with Stratasys to produce an exclusive line of 3D printers, we scanned the 3D blogosphere and found a great many comments and opinions. Here's the highlights:
  • Shapeways thinks this will raise the profile of 3D printing, but says everyone can easily print in 3D already - with their service, of course
  • Replicator thinks it's not a big deal, because HP gets Stratasys's lower-end technology, which might not be applicable to their target market: architects
  • Gizmodo seems excited, but recommends a MakerBot for now
  • TechWorld says "it may not be long until we're printing our own household items as-needed". Well, maybe
  • The Inquirer believes you won't get much change from $20,000 if buying this printer, but "it will make some interesting copies of peoples' bottoms at the office Christmas party"
  • Engadget questions the affordability of the mysterious product, and recommends a MakerBot in the meantime
  • is "filled with glee" about the prospects of having their own 3D printer, and says "3D printing is clearly never going to be as useful to most consumers as standard page printing". They compare the mystery HP offering to MakerBot
  • Ponoko fears HP will gouge customers on media cartridges, as they do today for 2D printing, but suggests "schools and businesses may be more comfortable buying a 3D printer from a ‘reputable, known brand’ rather than something like RepRap or MakerBot"
  • Wired thinks the HP offering will "probably cost less than $15,000" and compares this price to MakerBot's USD$950
It seems that the winner, at least of this media blitz, is clearly MakerBot. 


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