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One Really Big Replicator

Thingiverse member KurtCircuit has designed a rather enormous device: a 3D printer that is theoretically capable of printing 1m cube-sized objects. Even more astonishing is the fact that he's actually building this device!
The massive device, known as the "Scalable Largescale Cartesian Bot", apparently uses RepRap-derived principles, and is likely the biggest 3D printer design aside from the building-sized concrete versions. Kurt says: 
you could fix a PU-Foam spitting can, and try printing big pink foam objects like a pink pig or a foamy chair. Or you can try experimenting with milling or putting your favorite extruder on it and see what happens.
Also, he indicates that although the dimensions he's chosen are 1m cubed, the device could be made even bigger by choosing a different length for the aluminum tubes. OMG. 
Commenters pointed out a few likely issues: 
  • Use of drive belts would probably fail due to the size of the belts. Their slight expansion would be amplified over such distances. 
  • Build surface must be capable of supporting and removing very heavy items.
  • Safety: panels on the sides may ensure small children and pets don't become extruder bait. 
We're sure Kurt will figure out these issues and lock up the pets, too. Good Luck, Kurt! 

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