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More Moves by 3D Systems

If acquiring hobbyist 3D printer manufacturer Bits From Bytes wasn't enough, industry giant 3D Systems has made three additional moves in recent days. Check these out:
  • They've acquired Provel, S.r.l., who happen to be one of Italy's leading commercial 3D print services. Provel specializes in laser sintering, and provides a variety of services to Italian auto manufacturers as well as other clients. This move adds to 3D System's huge Proparts 3D print service through European expansion. 
  • 3D Systems announced a deal with Materialise to use their highly functional Magics and e-Stage software in 3D Systems' Proparts service. The software fixes, analyzes, optimizes and otherwise preps 3D model files - the kind of things you'd want to do before using Proparts, obviously!
  • 3D Systems has finalized a deal with 3D software maker NetFabb to bundle all of NetFabb's software and services with both 3DS Systems own line of 3D printers and the Proparts print service. (Hmm, will RapMan buyers get this software?)
Big moves, indeed. At this rate, 3D Systems will have taken over the entire industry by year's end. 
Via 3D Systems, 3D Systems and (of course) 3D Systems

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