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NetFabb in the Clouds

Having trouble submitting your 3D model file to one of the popular print services? The model isn't watertight? Not sure how to fix it? Don't have the right software or training? Never fear, 3D software maker NetFabb is here to rescue you with their new beta Cloud Service - and it's totally free! 
How does it work? Quite simply - you select a STL model file, upload it to their cloud service and await an email containing a URL to the repaired file. There are several legal considerations, notably that you must own the design, and are OK with letting NetFabb store it. Also, the resulting repaired file's URL is potentially exposed during email transit, so they say, "If your files are too secret to risk that - do not upload them at all." Ok, we'll take that under consideration!
Too good to be true? Maybe - you're given an automatic subscription to NetFabb's email newsletter, but we think that's a decent bargain for this service. 

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