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A Whole Lot of Meshes

Looking for some 3D models? We stumbled into a rather large pile of them, located at the INRIA Gamma team research database. Researchers there evidently required a lot of models and collected many. Well, 90,000+ of them - that's many! The models are mostly stored in .mesh format, but quite a few appear to be in .3DS format. 
However, be aware of the conditions of use of this massive archive. According to their disclaimer: 
This database has been created for research purposes, and is used by the Gamma team and its partners. 
These meshes must only be used for personal and non commercial uses unless widest rights are granted on the origin website. To be more precise, they must not be distributed for any reasons and by any methods (unless widest rights are granted on the origin website). 
At the beginning, our idea was not to constitute a public research database. But considering the scientific interest of this database, we decided to display it publicly. 
In other words, personal use only! You might also want to examine the rather long list of 3D model sites they've investigated on their Disclaimer page. Enjoy! 

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