Stratasys 3Q2010 Results

We like to take a peek at Stratasys’ financial results, because as one of the very few dedicated 3D printing companies that is publicly traded, we get a glimpse into the state of the industry, at least from their standpoint. 
So what happened during the third quarter of 2010 for Stratasys? Their revenue hit USD$30.3M, a significant 24% increase over last year’s 3Q, with a 39% increase in units shipped (totaling 631). Even better, they’ve doubled their income to USD$3.2M in the quarter as well. Year to date results are also up, but not as dramatically. Evidently the recession still held on tight early this year. But clearly things are looking very good. 
Earlier this year Stratasys made a deal to produce 3D printers to be sold under the HP brand name. Stratasys reports “the unit sales of Designjet in markets served by HP were more than double the comparable uPrint sales generated within those markets last year”, with a whopping 88% increase in sales. 
What does all this tell us? That the 3D print industry is very strong and building momentum as the recession slowly recedes. 
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