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Additive Memories

Laura West is a sculpture artist based in California. You may have heard of her successful work collaborating with the folks at the University of Washington on formulating a way to 3D print molds for metalcasting. 
But in addition to the lab work, Laura is also an amazing artist, who is currently running an exhibition entitled, "Additive Memories" at ArtSpace Gallery in Fresno City College, in which she explores methods of sculpting using 3D printing. This evidently was the result of her explorations with the University of Washington earlier. 
According to West: 
This prolific body of work  demonstrates the speed and efficiency that a sculptor can effectively use additive manufacturing technology to realize ideas and develop forms.  The sculptural work also showcases the beauty of the materials available to sculptors using powder based 3D printers. 
If you happen to be near Fresno, we'd recommend you drop by to take a look at not only Additive Memories, but also a companion exhibition, Rapid Premonitions, which also employed 3D technology. 

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