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3D Printing Demo in Silicon Valley

James Warmkessel, founder of the Bay Area MakeBot users group will deliver a public talk on 3D printing in Santa Clara California on November 8th. The talk, entitled, "Making 3D Printing Ideas Real: Demo and Talk" should provide an introduction to 3D printing concepts as well as a demonstration. From the event description: 
The 3D printer was first designed for rapid prototyping in the commercial arena. With the advances in technology, and the significant drop in price, this technology is now available to enthusiasts and hobbyists. The RepRap project is an open source 3D Printer, designed for at home use. A RepRap 3D printer heats ABS or PLA plastics and extrudes it in thin layers to build the final product.
Discussion will include the benefits of 3D printing, and of using the RepRap project for 3D printing, the pitfalls, problems, and limits of 3D printing, and finally, the future of 3D printing and the RepRap project.
If you happen to be in the Bay Area and have interest, you can attend the talk on November 8th, from 6:30-8:45pm in National Semiconductor's Building E. 


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