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A 3D Print Giving Experience

We decided to give the gift of 3D printing. That is, we were too lazy to head out and shop, and instead decided to create a gift using a 3D printer. In this case we designed and printed a simple multi-denomination coin holder. As you can see in the image, it's really crude, yet amusingly functional. 
We feared the recipient might not appreciate the rudimentary nature of the item, but instead we discovered some fundamental truths about 3D printing. 
In spite of the small size, rough surface and wiggly layers, the item was very well received. Why? Two significant reasons:
  • It was designed specifically For Them, and No One Else has one. Uniqueness counts a lot. 
  • It emerged from A Replicator, an impossible device! Amazingness counts, too. 
While there's efficiency and quality in mass produced items, their ubiquitousness has masked the deep feelings evoked by custom made things. 

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