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My Head's Going To Explode!

That's what MakerBot Chief Bre Prettis says in this video report on low-cost 3D printing from Reuters. The well-known news agency put together this piece to explain the topic to the vast majority of people who simply don't know that 3D printing is not only possible, but inexpensive. 
Bre's comment in full:
Our goal is to democratize manufacturing. And so it's been one step after another, building machines that can get into people's hands. 
3D Printing isn't something new; it's been around for about 25 years or so. But up until MakerBot you'd have to sneak into an elite institution, a design house or something like that. We really wanted one, so we made one and when we got it to work we made a kit so everybody can have one! 
I just think back to what I would have done with a MakerBot when I was ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen and my head explodes. . . in the next few years you'll see kids getting a hold of these doing amazing things.  
Isn't that already happening? We want more!

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