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Breaking: 3D Print Retail Store Opens

We've just learned that Materialise has opened a retail store dedicated to selling high-end 3D printed goods. This, we believe, is the first such store ever in existence, and follows on the earlier announcement of MakerBot selling their 3D printer in a retail setting
The new store, operated by Materialise's .MGX venture, specializes in startlingly beautiful furniture and lamps, often featured in Fabbaloo. These items were previously sold online or through other outlets, but evidently there is now sufficient consumer demand to justify a full-on store, this one located in Brussels' very ritzy Sablon district. 
This was inevitable, as 3D printing technology continues to increase in capability and artists leverage it in the most innovative ways. Will this particular store be successful? We're going to be watching closely. If it is successful, then we might see .MGX open new outlets in other high-end shopping districts in London, Paris, New York or Los Angeles. 
This store represents a major breakthrough for 3D printing; it won't be the last 3D print store - it's merely the first, and the beginning of a huge wave of 3D printing entering the retail space.
Via i.Materialise (Hat tip to Joris)

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