It’s not a 3D Printer, but it is a very capable 5-axis CNC machine; the StudioMill, sold by A1 Technologies. Directed at academic institutions, the device will enable students to get their hands on serious CNC technology:
Studiomill is supplied as a complete educational CAD CAM solution with the purpose built PathingCNC software which is used to simulate and control the modelling process. 
The PathingCNC software is intuitive and easy to learn and allows you to view and manipulate your CAD model in a virtual tooling environment and quickly and easily tailor the modelling process to suit your requirements. The software allows the more advanced user to exercise complete control over the modelling process, but also provides a degree of assistance to the novice user.
What makes this machine appropriate for educational use, other than the price? There’s a number of specific features:
  • Windows on all sides enable viewing of operations by students
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Safety features
  • Five-axis function for teaching production machining processes 
Studiomill can perform very fine finishing, up to 0.05mm resolution, and is capable of handling a wide variety of materials in its 160x220mm work area. Available now from A1 Technologies, starting prices at £6,000 (USD$9300). 
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