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Announcing Fabbaloo's 3D Resources

When we started blogging about 3D printing more than three years ago things were a lot simpler. We tried to promote the technology by including a list of appropriate links on the side of our pages, but in the past year there seems to have been a bit of an explosion. More companies, experiments, services and artists have taken on 3D printing and we realized a different approach was required.
We had no alternative but to create a dedicated page of links to all things 3D printing, at this point with well over 60 links (and growing) in these easy-to-find categories:
  • About 3D Printing
  • Hobbyist 3D Printer Kits and Products
  • Commmercial 3D Printers
  • Popular 3D Print Services
  • 3D Print Crowdsourcing
  • Notable 3D Print Artists
  • Commercial 3D Modeling Software
  • Free 3D Modeling Software
  • 3D Scanners
  • 3D Print Accessories
  • Related Blogs
This page will always be in flux, just like the industry it follows. Should you have suggestions for additions or changes, send them over! 

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