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Bits From Bytes Gets New Website and a RapChick!

We've been waiting to see what 3D Systems will do with their latest corporate acquisition, Bits From Bytes. BfB's market is quite a diversion from 3D System's normal industrial/commercial clientele. How will they take on this marketplace. This week we see two elements of their new strategy.
First, 3D Systems has completely replaced the rather awkward original BfB website with a full-on 21st century website design, with a friendly style specifically to address their brand-new markets: academic, home and small business. Two approaches for two very different markets.  
The second move is much more interesting: The RapChick! 
This is an unprecedented move in 3D Printing, as far as we can tell. The RapChick is a 3D printer specifically designed for women. The RapChick is a kit, we suspect based on the highly successful RapMan, but there's a difference: 
The new RapChick 3D Printer Kit was designed by Ian Adkins, founder of BfB, especially for female users in response to the growing numbers of women engineers and creators within our community.  The RapChick features pink accents and unique branding that will appeal to this rapidly expanding, underserved audience.
We're quite excited about this step encouraging more women into 3D printing, as it has been a male-dominated space for many years. They'll bring fresh perspectives and new ideas. All good, but will other 3D printing companies and services take up this challenge? 

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