Objet Launches Two More 3D Printers

Two very interesting 3D printers were just announced by Objet at EuroMold: the Objet24 and the Objet30, both low-cost desktop machines. 
These relatively inexpensive, yet very capable printers begin pricing at USD$19,900 and €16,900 in Europe.
The Objet24 is labelled as a “Personal 3D Printer”, whereas the Objet30 is labelled a “Desktop 3D Printer”, so we can immediately see how they are being targeted. Nevertheless, the technical characteristics of the pair are nearly identical. Here’s the identical aspects:
  • Layer thickness of 28 microns
  • X,Y,Z resolution of 600x600x900 dpi
  • 0.1mm accuracy
  • WaterJet removable support gel material
  • 82.5 x 62.0 x 59.0 cm physical size
  • 93 kg weight (hm, are these things *really* for your desktop?)
So what is different between these seemingly identical printers? Just this:
  • The Objet24 handles only white opaque material, while the Objet30 is capable of several colors and a more durable white material
  • The Objet30 has a tray size 60mm larger on the X axis  
We like the pricing; it’s not quite at home-user levels, but heading in the right direction for this very capable device.
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