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BlenderArtists Competition

i.Materialise has launched a design challenge on Blender designers at the BlenderArtists site: " is the most popular community site dedicated to the free, open-source 3D animation program Blender. On the site, users of the program can discuss their artwork, ask questions and find resources such as textures and tutorials."

The competition closes on February 18th, so get your design in quickly! The task is to design the most interesting set of bookends (similar to the image above), and the prize will be a 3D print of your design. Three winners will be selected. The Rules from

  • The model needs to fit in a bounding box of 8cm by 8cm, with a height of 12cm (use Blender units as reference)
  • Mind too small details, as 3Dprinters are not able to print those. As a rule of thumb, any detail bigger than 1mm can be 3Dprinted.
  • The model needs to consist out of one piece (we will add a ground plate to connect it with the bookend)
  • Don’t worry about file preparation for 3Dprinting, we will do that for you.

You'll need to submit three screenshots of your design after you register with

Via BlenderArtists

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