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Chairs You Can Sit On

Some may say that 3D printed items are not robust, but not this time. Design firm Freedom of Creation's Janne Kyttanen has made an amazing set of swivel chairs exclusively for a yacht and residence.

FOC used Selective Laser Sintering to produce the unique chairs, which are based on a previous tray design. The chair shells were produced in one piece to aid strength and appearance - and the size of this item is larger than pretty much all of the additive 3D printers' build chambers.

As this work was a private commission, it's not likely these chairs will be available for public purchase, and we don't know the commission value, either. Nevertheless, these fabulous chairs were only made possible by the existence of 3D print technology.

We're thinking this is another example of the "manufacturing for one" paradigm that is slowly growing. However, the costs are still too high for the majority to participate.

Via Freedom of Creation

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