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Who Is The RapMan?

We've covered the very popular RapMan 3D printer kit on several occasions previously, but there's something a little mysterious about them. We noticed their website and branding changed. We see a new name: "Bits From Bytes". What's going on? Clarification arrived from their spokesperson, Rachel Park, who explains:

Bits from Bytes (BfB, is how they now want to be known) is the manufacturer of the RapMan kit and RapMan Pro 3D printer. A1 Technologies did work closely with BfB during early development of the kit, however A1 is a global distributor of the hardware for BfB. The BfB RapMan and BfB RapMan Pro (again, this is how the products will be marketed going forward) is just one product line in a growing portfolio of advanced but low cost 3D products supplied by A1 Technologies. The portfolio also includes the 3D David laser scanner for which A1 is also a distributor. However, the Chameleon 3D design package that A1 supplies utilises proprietary software.

So to summarize: A1 Technologies is the distributor of the BfB RapMan line of 3D printer kits. They are also distributors for a variety of other 3D technology.

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