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The Doctor is In at Shapeways

That's him in the image, Doctor Shapeways! Well, not exactly. Always an innovator, Shapeways has released another terrific feature for those submitting 3D models to their printing service: MeshMedic.
MeshMedic automatically corrects very common mistakes made in 3D models that render the model unprintable. While the model might look tremendously beautiful on your 24 inch LCD monitor, it may also have unseen holes or other modelling difficulties preventing 3D printing. The new tool handles .STL, X3D or Collada files - but not color VRML files. A useful side effect is a significant reduction in workflow time for Rhino users. 
We think this is a great benefit to Shapeways users, since it simplifies their efforts. Not everyone is a brilliant 3D modeller, and MeshMedic takes the barriers to 3D printing down a little bit more. 

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