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Impossible Shoes

Shoes were a hit at the recent Freedom of Creation Future of Fashion exhibition in Amsterdam. Designer student Pauline Van Dongen created several unique shoe designs - and produced them with 3D printing for the exhibition. 
With Core77's recent experiments in 3D printed footwear, we're beginning to wonder if this could be a growth area for new exploration in 3D printing. We're not the only ones thinking this way either: Fast Company's article on the exhibition echoes our thoughts. 
Nevertheless, it appears that only certain shoes designs would be feasible, due to material limitations. But with the massive variety of possible shoe designs and insatiable consumer interest in shoes, there's plenty of opportunity here. Could footwear become another 3D printing niche in the same way that Jewelry, Dentistry and several other areas have done? 
Image Credit: Sanne Peper 

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