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SpaceNavigators Are Free!

We're a big fan of SpaceNavigators, those pleasant-feeling 3D controllers that are most often found in your not-the-regular-mouse hand. The SpaceNav is compatible with a long list of 3D software, ranging from most modelling tools to 3D games.
There's several types of SpaceNavs available from maker 3DConnexion, including more advanced models with many buttons, and smaller ones for tucking into your laptop bag. They range in price from USD$99 for the basic (but eminently useful) version to USD$399 for the amazing SpaceNavigator Pro. 
But now you can get one For Free! That's right - 3DConnexion is giving them away, five per month until June 30th, 2010. Therefore, there are 15 left. 
How does it work? Just head to the link below and enter the contest, which is apparently determined by "draw". 


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