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A MakerBot For Free?

MakerBot has teamed with Make magazine in a contest to award one lucky designer with a brand new MakerBot CupCake printer. All you have to do is submit an amazing, awesome and original design to 3D model repository Thingiverse. Bre Prettis explains it all in the video link below. 
But you'd better do it quickly - the deadline for contest entries closes at noon PDT on 5 May 2010. Just conjure up the best design you can, post it to Thingiverse and add a link to it in the comments of the Make magazine post. We presume the best design wins the CupCake, but there are five nifty prizes for the runners-up. 
As of this writing there are over 60 entries, and that's pretty decent odds of winning. Get designing, everyone!
Via Make and YouTube

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