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Finalists Announced in 3D Printing Contest

The annual Dimension 3D Extreme Redesign Contest has announced nine finalists in three categories.
High School Category Finalists:
  • Robby Ridzy, Medina County Career Center, Brunswick, Ohio: Gutter Guide
  • Maxwell Krist, Eckstein Middle School, Seattle, Wash.: Electricity Usage Meter
  • Korrina Reed, Milford H.S., Milford, Ohio: Fragrance Bracelet
University Category Finalists:
  • Donald Nicholson, Columbus State Community College, Columbus, Ohio: EZwriter
  • Ross Warrel, London South Bank University, London, England: Squirrel
  • Dale Herzog, Quinsigamond Community College, Worcester, Mass.: Robo-Prosthetic Development Platform
Art and Architecture Category Finalists:
  • Chris Green, Utah State Univ., Logan, Utah: Helical Staircase
  • Trevor Clarke, Fullerton College, Fullerton College, Fullerton, Cal.: Roy
  • Amir Naeem, Fairfield Ludlowe High School, Fairfield, Conn.: Horus Research Center
As always this contest produces some amazing and creative results and the judges will have a difficult time choosing winners. Who will win? We're not sure, but we kinda liked the Squirrel, a unique one-handed screwdriver design in the College category, the Electricity Usage Meter in the High School category and the Helical Staircase in the Art and Architecture category. Good luck to all contestants!
The contest has been in running each year since 2004, and demonstrates Dimension Printing's commitment to supporting education in manufacturing and design. 


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