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Print 3D in 2D

A new 3D print service has launched, SnapilyPro, but it's not what you think: they print 3D models in 2D. 
The service accepts 3D photoshop PSD files and uses lenticular printing to produce a flat surface image that appears to move when you rotate the image. 
Why would you use a 2D print service when you really want 3D? Perhaps you want to produce mailable samples of a model before committing to actual printing, which would be quite a bit more expensive. For example, Snapily  will produce a 5x7 inch 2D image of your 3D model for only USD$12, and there are substantial volume discounts.  
Another potential 3D application is as an adornment for a 3D model. One could imagine using lenticular elements as "windows" on an architectural or vehicular model when it would be difficult to properly finish an interior portion. 

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