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Digging Through eBay for 3D

Following up on our earlier article in which we sought out used 3D printers on eBay, we noticed that printers are not the only relevant 3D item you can find on eBay. 
We've located several instances of individuals selling print services via eBay, but we'd use them only if their price was less than the more well-known print services, such as Shapeways or Ponoko. 
Another item you can occasionally find on eBay is print media (shown above). We observed someone selling a kilo of Stratasys 3D Printer Rapid Prototyping ABS Plastic for GBP 125. (Aside: A kilo of white, hmm?) These items come and go, and if you watch for them, you might get yourself a great deal. 
Via eBay 

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