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A Purple 3D Printer for Under USD$4000

3D Printer reseller Purple Platypus has added another item to their growing list of products. Previously, they marketed devices from Objet, but now they're addressing the low-cost 3D printer market by adding the BFB 3000 Panther. 
The Panther is actually the same BfB 3000 we previously reported, and the benefits are the same: 
Bits from Bytes and Purple Platypus are bringing affordable 3D color printing to the office, home, and classroom with the BFB 3000 Panther. Fully assembled for less than $4,000, the Panther is a true desktop printer with a large print area (11.2 x 11.8 x 7.9 in). And with materials costs under $2 per cubic inch, the Panther fits into any business or hobbyist’s budget.
We think this is a great move for BfB, who now have a North American reseller for their product. It's also great news for North Americans, who now have direct access to a fully assembled low cost 3D printer. Previously the only low cost options were MakerBot, Fab@Home or RepRap kits, which take a reasonable skill level to assemble.
Hm, should MakerBot offer an "assembled" option?

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