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Rapido3D 3D Services Get Personal UK-based 3D “Laser Scanning and 3D Mesh Bureau” provides the standard 3D services such as 3D printing, scanning, engraving, CNC machining, etc. But they also offer two unusual 3D services: “Head and Facial Scanning” and the more ominous “Body Scanning”. The results are startling, as you can see in this video
According to their site: 
Head and Facial Scans are captured on our Cyberware colour PS Head/face scanning rig, developed By Cyberware specifically for Human heads. invented by them nearly twenty years ago, constantly developed and still regarded in the industry as the best Human head scanning device available.
And then there’s the “full colour whole body scan”. Why do a body scan? Here’s a great reason:
Niell Gorton a multi award-winning prosthetic make-up artist with 20 years’ industry experience. used our whole body scanning system to capture the body of an actor to create a replica to aid in the making of a prosthetic suit, these method enabled him to have a body double of the actor in his studio without the need to have the actor posing for hours at a time to make the suit.
Who would do a body scan? Rapido3D actually lists the “People Scanned”, and there’s quite a few notables on their list, including Lady Gaga, Liam Neeson, Naomi Campbell and Angelina Jolie. We’re not on their list, oh well. 
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